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 Italians of the Gold Country by arcadia
California's gold country has been profoundly influenced by Italian culture for the last 160 year..
 Old Sacramento and Downtown by arcadia
The discovery of gold launched an unprecedented rush of humanity to California's Sierra foothills..
 Rocks & Minerals Playing Cards
Now you can play all of your favorite card games while studying rocks and minerals. Each card in ..
A Beautiful Mine: Women Prospectors of the Old West
Often portrayed only as "camp followers" or "sporting women" in association with the gold rushes ..
A Guide to the California Gold Rush by Eugene R. Hart
At home or on the road, this interactive book examines major events and lasting changes that led ..
American River Canyon by arcadia
The American River Canyon below Auburn is seen as a natural and scenic area but still contains si..
Ballads of the Sierra
Excellent read for any age. Real nice illustrations to go with each ballad/poem ..
Bodie's Boss Lawman: The Frontier Odyssey of Constable John F. Kirgan
After serving with the 1st Illinois Regiment in the Mexican War in 1846, John FKirgan made his wa..
Classic Tales in California History
Women found gold in the Mother Lode country a full year before James Marshall made his find at Co..
Columbia by arcadia
Columbia started life in 1850 when Dr. Thaddeus Hildreth and his brother set up the camp known as..
Dear Mad'm (Women of the West) by Stella Walthall Patterson
Stella Patterson, a city lady at age 80, told by her doctor she had "young legs" vowed to spend o..
Early Mining Days - California Gold Country: The Story Behind the Scenery
Experience the adventure, romance, and history of people who struggled to realize their share of ..
Folsom by arcadia
With the nearby discovery of gold in 1848, Folsom, which began as a remote camp for trappers and ..
Folsom Prison by arcadia
Folsom Prison is California's second-oldest prison, dating back to 1880. In the decades following..