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Folsom Prison by arcadia
Folsom Prison is California's second-oldest prison, dating back to 1880. In the decades following..
This funnel perfect companion to our bottles and vials, making filling them a breeze. As affordab..
Gem Trails of Arizona by James R. Mitchell
From azurite to wulfenite, Arizona is known the world over for its rich abundance of rocks and mi..
Gem Trails of Northern California
In this up-dated edition detailed text and maps lead rockhounds to over 76 locations where 60 var..
Gem Trails of Oregon by Garret Romaine
Revised and expanded 3E of this very popular guide for Oregon rockhounds and collectors of rock, ..
Geodes Nature's Treasures by Brad Lee Cross
In this book two renowned experts share their lifelong passion for geodes and their extensive kno..
At the beginning of the 20th century, historian Herman Daniel Jerrett noted that there was "no ot..
Ghost Towns and Mining Camps of Southern Nevada
Ghost towns and mining camps are the last remaining vestiges of the Old West; there is a mystique..
Ghost Towns and Mining Camps of Southern Nevada by Shawn Hall
Ghost towns and mining camps are the last remaining vestiges of the Old West; there is a mystique..
Gold Adventures with Bobby Freedom
Gold Miner's Music: join us for a blissful journey of rock, blues & Americana as Bobby takes ..
Gold Fever: the Art of Panning and Sluicing by Lois De Lorenzo
This best-selling title has helped push thousands of people into gold prospecting. You'll learn a..
Gold Poke
Our custom gold poke is made out of leather. It has the store info burned onto the surface. Great..
Gold Prospectors Handbook by Jack Black
This is an excellent book written in non-technical jargon, but covers advanced topics. Learn the ..
Gold! Gold! How and Where to Prospect for Gold (Prospecting and Treasure Hunting)
Gold! Gold! A beginners handbook and recreational guide: How & Where to prospect for Gold! re..
Hammonton and Marigold by arcadia
This is the story of one community and two towns: Hammonton and Marigold, companyowned dredger to..
I. Mesh Classifier Sieve #70 x 10"
Our mesh screens are made with high quality stainless steel mesh with a side wall reinforcement m..
Magnet big orange
It's Big, it's orange and it will eliminate more black sand faster with less gold included! A def..
Metal Detecting for the Beginner
"Metal Detecting for the Beginner" is a how-to guide for anyone interested in the sport of metal ..
Metal Detecting Previously Hunted Sites by Vincent C. Pascucci
General introduction to metal detecting, plus tips and techniques for hunting previously-hunted s..
Mining Camps of Placer County
Everything in Placer County history leads to gold, from its name--the Spanish term for gold-beari..
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